Global internship: Guangzhou, China

Five University of Auckland students are in Wanglaoji (WLJ) in Guangzhou, China on a global internship thanks to CDES, InternChina and Pagoda Projects.

In December five students headed to China on an exciting internship with WLJ: an innovative company that specialises in herbal medicine and health care products. The selected five students will be working in areas that include international business, PR and corporate culture. WLJ has organised an exciting professional development programme to compliment the internship programme as well as the chance to learn about the brand culture of Wanglaoji, traditional Chinese medicine culture of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings, product investigation and brand culture and product communication of WLJ. As part of their programme the students have already completed a one week language and culture course.

During the formal welcoming on December 1, students were welcomed to WLJ by Wu Huinan, Secretary of the party committee, Rao Bing, Director of the International Commerce Department and Gao Yulin, Human Resource Department. Catherine Stephens, Manager of the University of Auckland Career Development and Employability Services, thanked WLJ for the incredible opportunities they have afforded the University and their students. This is the start of a mutually beneficial, sustainable relationship between the University, WLJ and InternChina/Pagoda Projects with more opportunities for students to intern overseas in the future.

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