The future world of work has arrived

Hear from CDES Manager, Catherine Stephens, about the changing work landscape, and how you can you stay one step ahead.

“For the past few years we have discussed what the future world of work may look like, and how to prepare for an ambiguous world of work due to artificial intelligence (AI). Fast forward to now, and the fourth industrial revolution has collided with Covid 19 - and as such, the future is now the present!

So, what does this mean for students and our alumni?

“It’s important to stop and take stock, and reflect on what skills you have and can offer, and what you need to develop and grow to be current and remain employable. No longer can a jobseeker be complacent, relying on known channels; you must be proactive in finding the ‘hidden job market’. As a jobseeker, you need to develop a plan to get ahead of “the crowd”.

CDES advice is:

  • Look at the news and anticipate the trends and patterns
  • Find out about new and emerging innovative industries
  • Focus on skills, not job titles
  • Identify where you fit and develop your value proposition for identified targeted industries
  • Create a plan and a log so you can follow up
  • Use all support services and resources to create a dynamic CV, ensuring it aligns well with your LinkedIn profile 
  • Access and use existing networks and find new ones using social media
  • Follow up and seek feedback so you can continually refine your approach

"Finally, CDES is here to support you on your journey. Access our support from finding your career direction, and where you can take your degree, through to supporting your job application."

CDES brings employers to you, so attend events to build your knowledge and networks! Check out our online career management systems MyCDES and MyCDES+ where you can book into free workshops and events, plus access a wide variety of career tools including CV and cover letter checks, mock interview prep and e-learning (plus heaps more).