CDES Without Borders!

Career Development Consultant Sam Standley talks about the importance of staying connected in a virtual world.

“Last week I had the pleasure of having an appointment with one of our international students, who is currently at home in China. It was 8 am in Shanghai, 1 pm here in Auckland, and our Zoom meeting was as straightforward as would have been face-to-face in New Zealand.

"As well as talking about employment after graduation - which will be affected on a global scale following the Coronavirus outbreak, and is creating anxiety in many students - we also discussed keeping English language skills up to scratch. We came up with ideas of joining – or even creating – chat groups, either locally as lockdowns are relaxed, or virtually. Also, we talked about the importance of having regular catch ups with us here at CDES, with other university friends and contacts, and even reaching out to organisations or university alumni, who can be great contacts for exploring where and how your career could evolve."

Please keep in regular contact with us here at the university, as we are all living in a virtual world, whether we are in the next street or on the other side of the globe. Let’s stay connected!

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