Quang Le wins Intern NZ Summer Scholarship

Third year student, Quang Le has just been announced as the lucky winner of Intern NZ Intern AU Summer Scholarship program.

As the lucky winner, Quang Le who is studying toward a double major in Education and Employment Relations & Organisation Studies will receive an internship in his chosen field, fully arranged by Intern NZ. Not stopping there, he also receives support throughout the entire internship, which will include setting priorities for what he wants to gain from the programme, to ensure he maximises his experience.

We caught up with Quang to find out how he felt about winning and what he’s got planned for his exciting Summer ahead.

Congratulations Quang, how did it feel to hear you had won the summer scholarship?

It felt unreal - I had to repeatedly ask the Advisor who gave me the good news to believe that it was real.

How did you learn about the Summer Scholarship competition?

I saw the competition advertised on the CDES website. I regularly attend CDES events and workshops and keep up to date with their news on their Facebook page. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of their resources during University!

Have you thought about the type of Internship you would like to undertake?

My ideal role would be a teaching assistant, youth mentor or research assistant. This would support my career plans following graduation. I also plan to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) so that I can work as a qualified teacher in the future.

Have you undertaken any Internships previously or gained work experience?

This will be my first internship. However, throughout study I have volunteered for programmes through the Faculty of Arts to support students’ learning experience and aid first-year students with any issues that may be affecting their study. I also have volunteered in non-profit organisations that support children with special needs.

Do you have any advice for people who are looking to undertake internships and how to identify opportunities?

You create your own opportunities by actively searching for them. When looking for an internship ask yourself which role will help you grow, and how you think you can best contribute to it. Identify roles that will play to your strengths, whilst also ensuring you are adding to your skillset.

I encourage everyone to give it a go no matter how hard or impossible it may seem at the beginning. Yes, you will inevitably get knock backs but at least you can say you’ve tried. You have nothing to regret when you put your heart into something.

There is a saying I keep in mind: “If nine people said no, the tenth person would say yes.” Stay optimistic, and keep moving towards your goal!

Congratulations Quang, we cannot wait to hear more about your internship once it gets underway. Stay tuned as we follow Quang throughout his Summer.