Types of internships

There are several different types of internships that can give you valuable experience.


A standard internship is between six weeks and three months in length. Often, this will take place over summer (sometimes referred to as a 'summerternship’) but can be at other times of the year. The internship can be directly or indirectly related to your field of study, and the experience you gain could lead to further opportunities in the field or at the same organisation after graduation.

Faculty-led micro internships and placements

These internships are often research-informed projects based in a commercial, non-profit or community organisation. You can undertake these projects on your own or with a team of fellow students. They are usually supervised by an academic and a workplace supervisor.

Work co-ops

A one-semester structured learning experience in an organisation that enables you to apply your knowledge and skills in a working setting. Co-ops are usually programme-specific and allow you to earn academic credit.

Internships organised by external providers

An internship organised by an external provider in New Zealand that exists simply to find, match and manage internship opportunities for students. You generally pay a programme fee and the internship itself is unpaid. You can undertake a third-party internship in a number of different industries and fields. 

Global internships

This is an overseas internship that gives you the chance to apply your skills in a foreign context, challenging you to develop cultural awareness and to build an international network. There are a range of international third party providers available. Depending on your interests and where you’d like to go, CDES can help direct you to one that would best suit you. 

Embarking on a global internship comes with associated costs, but students can apply for funding through the Prime Minister’s Scholarships. CDES can support you through the application process with our workshops.

Find out more about global internships.


This is a period of University-approved work or vocational experience you undertake while enrolled at the University. Placements are organised by faculties and might take place in New Zealand or abroad.


Some fields of study require experience in the workplace in order to earn a degree. For example, teachers are required to complete a practicum. These are department-specific and are thus not organised by CDES.

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