Getting work experience and internships in a Covid world!

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from gaining exposure to the workplace - you can undertake international, remote, industry experiences from the comfort of your own home!

With multiple types of online opportunities available, ranging in benefits, roles and tasks - it can be difficult to know where to start. The first step is considering what type of remote experience you are looking for! From free opportunities that provide company insights via real-life scenario based tasks, to fully-fledged formal internships with international companies – there are options to suit all.

Companies such as Forage and Prosple for example, provide free experiences where as other companies, such as CCRC Asia, The Intern Group, Pagoda and InternNZ/OZ have pivoted to offer students structured remote internship programmes! In fact, they have even partnered with the University of Auckland to offer their programmes to students at a reduced cost! 

Keep reading to check out our preferred supplier overview,which will help you narrow down which remote experience is for you and don’t forget – CDES is always here to help you figure out your future too!

What is the difference between free virtual work experiences and remote internship programmes?

Virtual free experiences provided by Prosple and Forage include:

  • Getting briefed online – and do work that mirrors real life!
  • Completing work in your own time – flexibility is key
  • Viewing pre-recorded video instructions from actual employees
  • Accessing curated resources to help you during tasks
  • Comparing your work with model examples from the company
  • Engaging with employees at the company to gain real-time feedback and support (Prosple only)
  • Undertaking tasks that would be complete in a specific role with real companies.
  • Providing experience students are able to discuss in interviews
  • Opportunities for employers to identify early talent
  • Increasing your chance of landing potential job opportunities

∗Please note:You are not remunerated for these experiences, however there is no cost associated to undertake and complete the tasks.

Remote internship programmes provided by CRCC Asia, The Intern Group, Pagoda and Intern NZ/OZ include:

  • International internship opportunities with global companies in a range of countries and  cities
  • Structured internships, with similar aspects to a traditional internship; real work, in rea     time, with real companies
  • Physical employment with the company you are working with
  • Receiving career development through mentoring and employer support
  • Regular participation in webinars with global leaders
  • Regular engagement with your supervisor and teammates
  • Developing skills for new ways of working through online flexibility
  • Gaining insights into different organisations and industries.
  • Learning to communicate effectively with stakeholders in a virtual context
  • Develop an autonomous working style
  • Engage in a flexible working pattern, where self-discipline is key

∗Please note: You are not remunerated for your work and there are costs associated to enrol and participate in the programme.

Who can apply for these opportunities?

  • Opportunities are open to all students and alumni from the University of Auckland. 
  • Internships are available for a wide range of degree areas; expect to gain experience across social media, business projects, website design, market reports, financial assessments, usability testing code, and much more.

How do I find these opportunities?

  • Come and book an appointment with one of our Career Development and Employability Consultants who can help refine what opportunity is best for you and help get you on your way – you can also contact us via email 
  • Check out opportunities on GoinGlobal
  • Head over to one of our preferred supplier websites using the links below, and get your application underway. 
  • Check out the videos below from some of their recent on campus sessions!