Workplace Insights Programme

Applications for our Workplace Insights Programme 2022 - Semester Two are open!

Calling our international students onshore and offshore!

We are looking for committed, energetic, and curious international students to participate in an exciting programme designed to help you learn more about the New Zealand workplace and improve your understanding of Kiwi culture.

To help you prepare for the transition to the New Zealand workplace, Career Development and Employability Services (CDES) created the Workplace Insights Programme (WIP) to build connections between current students, alumni and New Zealand employers.

WIP is designed to help international students:

  • Build self-confidence and develop capability in the area of networking
  • Connect with University of Auckland alumni working in New Zealand
  • Gain a better understanding of New Zealand culture and the workplace
  • Prepare for a rewarding working life in New Zealand

Student testimonials

Here is what students have said about the programme:

“One of the key things I’ve learnt from my volunteer was the following idea: in order to be a winner, I don’t need to do a lot of different things; instead, I have to do things differently. That was a life lesson not just for my career goals but also for my personal growth and fulfilment.”

“What I’ve learnt during the programme – and that was quite a big shift for me – is that the workplace does not have to be scary and intimidating. I have seen my volunteer and her colleagues having fun at work, while also being productive and creative. That’s what I want in my career!”

“The Workplace Insights Programme has taught me that in New Zealand, which is a very small country, networking is key. It is important not just when you are looking for a job but also when you are trying to figure out what you want to do. The programme offers structured activities and a safe environment to develop those networking skills.”

How does the programme work?

At the beginning of the programme, WIP participants undergo capability building activities to increase their networking confidence and competence.

Participants are then partnered with University of Auckland alumni from various industries through virtual networking events hosted by CDES. We will endeavour to partner WIP participants with an alumni volunteer from a similar professional background, but this is not always guaranteed. What we do guarantee, though, is that WIP participants will have a great learning experience and grow personally and professionally.

The virtual networking events are followed by student-alumni catch-ups that are organised by WIP participants with their respective alumni volunteers. Alumni may also be able to offer onshore students the opportunity to visit their workplace or even do a virtual guided tour for offshore students!

Throughout the programme, CDES will offer regular check-ins, facilitation, guidance and individual support to help WIP participants address any potential challenges and make the most of the programme.

Who can participate?

To be eligible, you must be:

  • An onshore OR offshore international student currently enrolled at the University
    of Auckland
  • Committed, enthusiastic and motivated to step out of their comfort zone
  • Willing to maintain clear professional communication with their alumni volunteer and CDES
  • Able to attend all the programme events (see the application form for details)

How to apply

Applications close on Friday 22 July 2022 at 4 pm.

This programme is a collaborative project supported by the Career Development and Employability Services (CDES), International Office, and Alumni Office.