Rainbow support during Covid-19

Covid-19 has presented challenges and uncertainties for people who identify as part of the Rainbow community.

This may be a difficult time for some of our rainbow community, particularly for people who are isolated or living in unsafe environments.

While we may be physically apart either learning or working remotely, it is important to remember that we are still connected! Please be assured that there are a wide range of support services available to you.

If you are facing difficulties, or just don’t know what to do, please reach out to someone you trust, or a member of the Rainbow community, or reach out to the University. Help will always be available to you.

Rainbow groups

The university has a wide range of Rainbow groups for both students and staff. 

LGBTQITakatapui+ - A staff and student network that provides support, social opportunities, and a voice for the rainbow community at the University of Auckland. For further information click here.

Hidden Perspectives - A social and academic community that provides a safe and inclusive platform for individuals within the Faculty of Arts. For further information please contact Caroline Blyth.

Rainbow Business –  A student-led association united in creating social and advocacy options for students in the Business Schools. For further information please contact Shana Merrifield

The Rainbow Network - Provides information about services, and creates social opportunities for individuals within the Faculty of Education and Social Work. For further information please contact them via email.

Rainbow Engineering – Provides a voice and platform for individuals within the Faculty of Engineering. Please contact Alexandra Pennycuick or this email for further information.

Rainbow Law – Empowers students who identify as part of the Rainbow community within the Faculty of Law. For more information please contact Hanna Wilberg or go to their website.

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences –  please contact the Student Centre for support, or get in touch with the new FMHS Rainbow student group.

Rainbow Science Network – An inclusive community providing contacts and support for the rainbow community within the Faculty of Science. For further information contact them via email.

UniQ – The University’s club for people who identify as part of the Rainbow community. Learn more

The Equity Office

The Equity Office leads the University’s commitment to being a safe, inclusive and equitable place for all students. They strive to ensure students have access to the right tools to achieve success in their personal and academic journey. From time to time, the Equity Office will send you information about support services as well opportunities to participate in various aspects of University life, including events and providing feedback to University on issues of importance to LGBTTakatapui+ students. Learn more

Student Health and Counselling

Students have access to a range of health and mental wellbeing services to meet your needs. Services include medical appointments, counselling services, wellbeing groups, self-help resources and more. Learn more

Community support


OUTline is a national service that helps LGBTIQ+ New Zealanders access support, information and a sense of community. Learn more


RainbowYOUTH is a charitable organisation that helps support queer and gender diverse youth as well as their wider communities to ensure that New Zealand is a place where all young people can thrive. Learn more

Gender Minorities Aoteroa

Gender Minorities Aoteroa is a nationwide transgender organisation in New Zealand. They want to empower all transgender people across all aspects of their lives. They provide a range of services from information around gender, to advocacy, and support for transgender people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Learn more


Lifeline is a 24/7 organisation that has been helping New Zealanders for over 50 years. They are a free community helpline that provides qualified counsellors and trained volunteers to talk to. They aim to reduce distress and save lives by providing a safe, accessible, and effective services. Learn more


Youthline works with young people and their communities to help them access support and advice when they need it. Learn more