Stay connected with the community

Don’t underestimate the power you have to offer hope to another person in your community. Doing so can have a positive impact on your own wellbeing.

Here are some ways you can connect:

  • HelpTank (an app that matches volunteers to good causes), is now connecting people who need help with those able to run errands during the coronavirus outbreak. 
  • Be mindful of your media intake when connecting with stories from the wider world. If the news is making you feel overwhelmed, turn it off. Select your media sources very carefully and be wary of ‘fake news’. Reliable sources of information include the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health.
  • Unite Against COVID-19 is a Facebook Community set up by the government to offer support and prevent the spread of the virus. 
  • You might also want to check out a source like the Good News Network for some positive, current stories from around the world.
  • Rainbow Youth are offering online chat support for members of their community.
  • Connect with your faculty, student group or hall of residence.