Trans and gender-diverse students and staff

University support for legal name changes and sports participation

The University supports trans and gender-diverse students’ legal name change

The University of Auckland will cover the cost of legal name changes for trans and gender-diverse students who meet eligibility criteria as assessed by the Equity Office.

Trans and gender-diverse students’ experiences and University of Auckland research have identified that use of preferred rather than legal names is key to the provision of a safe and inclusive environment for trans and gender diverse students. Inappropriate use of legal names can lead to ‘outing’ and associated negative consequences including to health, safety and wellbeing.

Trans and gender-diverse students and staff are encouraged to join Trans on Campus (, which is a support network, social group and advocacy group for gender diverse students and staff.

Changing your University identifier

A Unique Public Identifier (UPI) is assigned to each person who has a personal data record at the University of Auckland. 

UPIs are assigned automatically when new personal data records are saved, using primary names and other information. They form the basis of logins to University computer systems. Once assigned, a UPI is intended to never change. However, some exceptional situations do arise in which a change of UPI is required. 

The University recognises that for some Rainbow/gender-diverse students, UPI addresses can be a mismatch with their identity and this mismatch can cause discomfort or distress for the students concerned. This constitutes an exceptional situation.

Such equity-based UPI changes can be made for students who have completed a legal name change (which can be funded, by application, through the Equity Office Te Ara Tautika).

Applications for "exceptional circumstances" UPI changes can be made to the person delegated with the authority to approve requests for UPI changes. This person is Joe Standen (Product Owner, Identity and Access Management, the University of Auckland)

Names on exam papers

Your can write your preferred name, which is on the front of your ID card, on your exam script and ID slip during an exam, and the exam invigilator will match your legal name on the back with the roll.

A similar process occurs during tests sat under exam conditions that are coordinated by faculties.

More information

Inclusion of trans and gender-diverse students and staff in sport and recreation

The University has guidelines aimed at promoting inclusion of trans and gender-diverse students in recreation and sport.

The Inclusion of Trans and Gender Diverse Students and Staff in Sport and Recreation Guidelines are based on self-defined gender identity. 

The guidelines cover use of:

  • name and gender markers
  • sports uniforms
  • toilets, showers and changing rooms
  • accommodation when travelling for sport.

The guidelines also set out how University staff and coaches can promote respectful, safe and equitable engagement and participation in sport and recreation.

The accompanying background document, Unlawful Discrimination and Inclusion of Trans and Gender Diverse Students and Staff in Sport and Recreation, provides a brief summary of key legislation and unlawful discrimination.