Moving to Level 2

The nationwide move to Alert Level 2 allows the University to resume a much wider range of activities, including most of our research activity, further study spaces and other student support services, as long as we continue to comply with Government requirements for physical distancing, group sizes and the ability to record the presence of people on our campuses.

The move to Level 2 does not change the University’s official position: the University will maintain its current remote learning mode until the start of Semester 2 (27 July).

Level 2 Updates

  • Most staff and students will continue to work and study from home for the rest of Semester One.
  • Access onto University campuses will only be granted for those activities that need to be there, and that have been authorised.
  • The University is required to record the movements of every person on our campuses. This will be done via an attendance recording service known as Check-IN.

Student support services

  • All residents can return to University accommodation.
  • More study spaces will be open for on-campus study if your home environment is not suitable. There will be a study space on every campus. It will be on a first come, first serve basis – no booking required – but students will need to use the attendance recording service, Check-IN, when arriving at a study space and follow physical distancing and hygiene requirements. Study Spaces will be open from Monday 18 May.
    Learn more about Study Spaces.
  • The Recreation Centre on Stanley Street at City Campus will be open from Monday 18 May.
  • The University Health and Counselling Service (UHCS) will continue to operate the same as Alert Level 3. For more information, visit the UHCS Patient update.
  • Click and collect services:
  • If you are a Doctoral student, you may be able to come onto campus or return to the field for your research purposes. Check with your supervisor if this is possible for you. However, researchers and research students who have the ability to conduct research from home should continue to do so.

Attendance recording service

  • The University has developed its own attendance recording service, Check-IN, which will be launched in the coming days. The service will be accessed from the University website. 
  • If you need to come onto campus, then we ask that you use the Check-IN service when you come onto campus, as that will allow the University to gather the data we need to show we have robust contact tracing systems in place. That in turn will give us confidence we can safely handle larger numbers and welcome more of our staff and students back to our campuses.

Semester Two 2020

  • The University intends to return to on-campus teaching in Semester Two, with some modifications to the timetable. 
  • Some teaching activities (e.g. large lectures, may still need to be online if we are still operating under Level 2). There may need to be other changes to ensure appropriate physical distancing, but we are confident the majority of our teaching will be on-campus.
  • We intend to release further details of our Semester Two teaching arrangements in the coming weeks.
  • Regardless of the alert level we are operating under during Semester Two, we will maintain an online option for students who are considered vulnerable (under Ministry of Health criteria) and for students studying offshore.