Returning to campus in Semester Two

Learn more about teaching arrangements, and examinations for the rest of Semester Two, 2020.

Update: 8 October 2020

Auckland is now back at Alert Level 1. This means that all teaching and learning activities have resumed on campus according to the standard timetable.

You do not need to use the University Check-IN app when you are on campus under Alert Level 1.

You are still encouraged to use the Government Covid-19 Tracer app.

Teaching, examinations and health & safety

Here is a summary of teaching delivery, examinations and health and safety measures on campus.

For a summary of University operations at different alert levels go to the Alert Levels explained web page.

Teaching delivery

Alert Level 1

All teaching will be conducted on campus (except for students who are overseas who will continue online). The usual lecture recordings will be available within 24 hours of the timetabled lecture. 

Alert Level 2

Most teaching activities will be conducted online. There are some exceptions to this, for example practical components such as some labs, workshops and studios, which can occur on campus with health and safety measures in place. Check Canvas for updates from your Course Coordinator for each of your courses.

Alert Level 3 or 4

All teaching delivery will be conducted online. See here for a summary of what happens at the different Alert Levels.

Examinations in Semester Two 2020

  • Examinations from 5 November 2020 will be held on campus at Alert Levels 1 or 2. Standard invigilated exam conditions will apply. These conditions provide for appropriate physical distancing and health and safety measures to be applied. 
  • Should we be at Alert Level 2 at this time, additional health and safety measures will also be in place to ensure students safety, such as deep cleaning of exam locations, provision of hand sanitiser, and provision of masks to those who may have forgotten their own. 
  • At Alert Levels 3 or 4 all examinations will be conducted online.
    See here for a summary of what happens at the different Alert Levels.
  •  Students who are unable to be in New Zealand due to Covid-19 travel restrictions will complete exams online. 
  • If you are unable to attend the exam due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances you can apply for an Aegrotat and compassionate consideration
  • There are no administration fees for Covid-19 related applications for Aegrotat and compassionate consideration for tests and examinations in Semester Two.

Higher risk students

  • Under Covid-19 alert conditions, higher risk students are classified as learners who face increased risk in attending on-campus events because they:
    •    are at higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19 as defined by the Ministry of Health
    • or live with people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19; 
    • or have significant mental health issues that may be exacerbated by Covid-19 or Covid-19 Alert Level requirements.
  • If you have a significant health conditions, or live with people with significant health conditions, written evidence from a medical practitioner or mental health professional is required to establish a status of higher risk. 
  • If a medical practitioner, or mental health professional advises it is not appropriate for you to come onto campus, you need to provide written evidence from the medical practitioner or mental health professional and advise the university via the Covid-19 Semester Two form. A staff member from the wellbeing team will contact you directly to discuss your circumstances. This allows us to understand your individual situation and provide appropriate support.

Aegrotat & compassionate consideration for tests and exams

Grades in Semester Two courses

  • Semester Two grades will be rounded up to 50 (pass) if students achieve a result of 47, 48 or 49. 
  • The University will not be providing a universal ‘grade bump’ in Semester Two. While there is no doubt that Covid-19 been disruptive in Semester Two, this disruption has impacted people in different ways. 
  • Students who have been significantly disrupted by Covid-19 can apply for an Aegrotat and compassionate consideration for tests and examinations, and the administration fee for Covid-19 related applications will be waived. We believe this to be a more equitable approach than a universal ‘grade bump’.
  • All students in AB courses are eligible for the grade bump for any assessment components which were completed during Semester One 2020.

Health and safety measures

This is how the University is working to keep our campuses safe:

  • Hand sanitiser has been made widely available on campus. 
  • Extra cleaning, particularly in high use areas is taking place. 
  • Cleaning supplies are available in lecture theatres for additional cleaning of surfaces if desired.

This is what you can do to keep our campuses safe:

  • Don’t come onto campus if you are unwell or have cold or flu symptoms. 
  • Practice healthy hygiene – wash your hands often.