Summer School at different alert levels

Find out what changes in Alert Levels might mean for your summer study at the University of Auckland.

Update Monday 15 February 2021

Exams update

Exams scheduled for Monday 15 February will be rescheduled to an online exam on Thursday 18 February as timetabled.

Exams scheduled for Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 February will be moved online as timetabled.

If you have an exam you will be contacted with further details on Monday 15 February.

Teaching delivery at alert levels

Alert Level 1

All teaching will be conducted on campus (except for students who are overseas who will continue online). The usual lecture recordings will be available within 24 hours of the timetabled lecture. 

Alert Level 2

Most teaching activities will be conducted online. There are some exceptions to this, for example practical components such as some labs, workshops and studios, which can occur on campus with health and safety measures in place. Check Canvas for updates from your Course Coordinator for each of your courses.

Alert Level 3 or 4

All teaching delivery will be conducted online. See here for a summary of what happens at the different Alert Levels.

Resources and facilities

Where possible, personal and learning support services will be available on campus.

Find out how the University can support you.

If the University campuses close because of a change in Alert Level, device and internet assistance is available to students who need it through the Student IT Equity Initiative.

The University can provide limited bookable space for students who need a suitable study space to complete an online test or examination if you are required to study remotely. Availability will depend on Government regulations at that particular Alert Level.

Summer 2021 lecture recordings will have a system default release time of 24 hours.


Summer School 2021 exams will be on campus as scheduled if the University is at Alert Level 1 or 2. 

All students not studying offshore or approved to be studying remotely must sit examinations on campus.

Appropriate physical distancing and health and safety measures will be put in place in examination rooms.

Aegrotat and compassionate consideration

If you are unwell or unable to come onto campus for tests or exams you can apply for Aegrotat and compassionate consideration.

If your reason for application relates to a physical health issue, use the aegrotat form. For all other issues, use the compassionate consideration form.

Note: If your reason for application is related to Covid-19, application fees will be waived.

Health consideration form

If you are at high risk of harm from Covid-19 and need to continue your studies remotely, you will need to fill out a Health Consideration Form.

The University defines higher-risk students under Covid-19 Alert Level conditions as learners who face increased risk in attending on-campus events because they:

  • are at higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19 as defined by the Ministry of Health; or
  • live with people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19; or
  • have significant mental health issues that may be exacerbated by COVID-19 or COVID-19 Alert Level requirements. 

If you are applying to learn remotely, ensure your health provider specifies how you can safely operate at each different Alert Level.

Note: when filling out the form, please tick the 'Seeking advice/support' box provided.

Health and safety measures

This is how the University is working to keep our campuses safe

  • Hand sanitiser has been made widely available on campus. 
  • Extra cleaning, particularly in high use areas is taking place. 
  • Cleaning supplies are available in lecture theatres for additional cleaning of surfaces if desired.

This is what you can do to keep our campuses safe

  • Don’t come onto campus if you are unwell or have cold or flu symptoms. 
  • Practice healthy hygiene – wash your hands often.