Online course enrolment for students with exceptional circumstances

Domestic students facing exceptional circumstances outside of their control, or those who are deemed to be ‘higher risk’ for Covid-19 related reasons, may apply to be enrolled in online courses.


  • Online course enrolments with exceptional circumstances are only available on a semester-by-semester basis.
  • Limited courses are available for online enrolment. If your course does not have an existing remote stream, there may be another solution so it is still worth applying.
  • Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis and if we cannot grant online course enrolment, then additional support may be provided in the form of late deletion, aegrotats, accommodation offers and more.
  • The University cannot guarantee future offerings of online courses or that you will be able to complete your entire programme in this mode.
  • You must provide independent documentary evidence from a registered health professional or counsellor that outlines the exceptional circumstances outside your control affecting your health or wellbeing that supports your application to study online.


The information on this webpage is designed to provide guidance for students and faculties seeking to enrol, students with exceptional circumstances in online courses that are also being offered to offshore students.


Domestic students who are deemed to be ‘higher risk’ for Covid-19 related reasons may apply to be enrolled in online courses.

Enrolment of domestic students in online courses will be made available, for a limited period only, to students with exceptional circumstances that are not related to Covid-19.

There is no guarantee that students will be able to enrol in online courses in the future or that you will be able to complete your degree online.

Application process

To submit a request please click the link below and provide the following information:

  • Name of the course requiring transfer to online study.
  • Why you are applying.
  • Evidence from a registered health or mental health professional that details the exceptional circumstances beyond your control, which means it is in your best interest not to be required to come on campus, whether due to health or other considerations.