Meet Georgia

Georgia is standing in front of the clocktower and smiling

“Starting university can be intimidating for any young person, but especially for those of us with disabilities. I was nervous that my disabilities would make tertiary study impossible, or that I wouldn’t be able to find the support I needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Student Disability Services (SDS) supported me in my University of Auckland journey from day one.

“Not only did they provide me with the assistance I needed to succeed, but they also helped me to communicate with my lecturers and tutors about my admittedly complex situation. I had a note-taker for my classes, and in exams I received extra time and a reader-writer.

With the support of SDS and some old-fashioned hard work, I have now graduated with my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History and minoring in Pacific Studies. I’m now working on further study in Computer Sciences. I’m hoping that sometime soon, others will be able to look past my disabilities to see my potential the way SDS did.


“My grandfather used to tell me that the best thing to do when things were difficult was to just keep trying. That advice proved to be the perfect formula for success at university for me, as I think it is for any student, whether they have a disability or not.”