Special conditions for written tests and exams

Student Disability Services can assist with the process required to secure special conditions for written tests and exams.

The first step:

Contact Student Disability Services to arrange an appointment.

During and after your appointment:

Depending on how your impairment affects you, there may be a number of different support options, which Student Disability Services will review with you.

Once special accommodations are approved, tests are organised between the student and the department.

Please contact Student Disability Services if there are any complications with this process.

In order to assist, Student Disability Services generally requires a minimum of 10 working days’ notice of tests.

Approved special conditions may include

  • Extra time for rest breaks
  • Additional writing time
  • Access to a reader and/or writer
  • Access to a stand alone computer (without internet or network connectivity)
  • An examination room with fewer or no students present

Queries about exams

Exams are not organised by Student Disability Services. Any queries regarding timetables or conditions should be directed to the Examinations Office.  

Special conditions assist Alicia

Alicia Kapa graduates in 2021 with special conditions part of her journey.

Read about Alicia's undergraduate study in Arts, majoring in Māori studies and criminology, and how special conditions played a part. Meet Alicia.