Searching for class details

Find out how to search for your classes and see the available times.

Video tutorial: Searching for class details


  1. Sign into Student Services Online.
  2. From the home page quick links, click Class Search.
  3. Select the term (semester) of the class.
  4. Select subject (or enter the abbreviation for the subject) that the class is part of (eg, 'POPLHLTH' for Population Health).
  5. Enter the course number if you know it (eg, '102' for POPLHLTH 102).
  6. Select the course career for the class.
    • Formal Award—all bachelors and masters degrees, honours programmes, postgraduate and graduate diplomas and certificates.
    • Continuing Education—the learning opportunities offered to regional community and professional bodies. To find a Continuing Education course, instead of signing into Student Services Online, visit the Centre for Continuing Education website.
    • Contract Programmes—you should only select this course career if you have been advised to do so by the University.
    • Doctoral—Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the University’s other higher doctorates.
    • Foundation Studies—the preparation course for students who have not yet qualified for university entrance.
    • New Start—the bridging course for adults returning to study, with or without university entrance.
  7. Click Search.

Sign in and search for class details
Search for class details without signing in


  • If you are looking for all the courses for a particular Stage within a subject area, enter the number for the Stage (eg '2' for all year two courses) and select ‘contains’ from the course number drop-down list.
  • You will be given a list of all courses that have the number 2 in it.
  • Some Stage 1 and 3 courses will be displayed that have a 2 (eg, 102, 332), but all Stage 2 courses will be displayed.

View class details

  1. On the search results page, click View All Classes at the top of the results table if there are more than three classes in your search results.
  2. Click on the number link for a class to find out more about it, such as:
    • whether it has related classes, such as a lab, tutorial or workshop
    • any prerequisites or restrictions that could prevent you completing your enrolment in that class
    • which campus it is taught at
    • when it will be taught
    • how many places are available in the class.