Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answering common questions about 2022 University entrance for school leavers.

What are the new University Entrance (UE) requirements?

For details on the revised University Entrance (UE) Standard for those completing study in 2021, please refer to the NZQA website. The University of Auckland’s 2022 entry requirements take into consideration this revised UE standard.

What happens if I have taken a gap year in 2022?

Students who have taken a gap year will be assessed under normal entry requirements.

Do the relaxed requirements mean I am guaranteed to get into my first-choice programme?

Your first-choice programme will always be considered initially however, we may make an offer to another programme as is appropriate. This will be based on an assessment of your study to date (Year 12). No application will be declined on this basis and if you do not receive an offer to your first-choice programme, this will be assessed when results are released in January.

I don’t understand Table A and B requirements, how does this work?

Table A and B requirements have been permanently removed and do not apply except for Engineering, Global Studies, Health Science and Nursing programmes where specific subject requirements still apply.

Traditionally, some programmes have a separate set of subject requirements, which are included in Table A and Table B for National Certificate of Educational (NCEA) and Cambridge International. We have permanently removed these subject requirements. There are four exceptions; Engineering, Global Studies, Health Science and Nursing programmes as noted above.

Do the relaxed 2022 Entry requirements mean if I haven’t taken the required subjects I can now apply if I have the overall Rank Score?

In most cases yes, however Engineering, Global Studies, Health Science and Nursing have specific subject requirements that will be outlined in your offer letter. We still encourage you to apply early, as you will also be given alternative pathways if required.

If I don’t pass specific subjects, does this mean it won’t matter as long as I get the rank score?

The University is broadening our entry pathways and will place a stronger emphasis on students’ Year 12 results.

Engineering, Global Studies, Health Science and Nursing programmes have specific subject requirements; however, for all other programmes your offer letter will be clear on your entry pathway.

How will the Rank Score be calculated, will this change?

We will still calculate a rank score based on your results from your NCEA Level 3, or Cambridge International AS/AL study, however as we will be placing a greater emphasis on your prior results, the rank score is not the primary assessment for admission in 2022. However, if you do meet the guaranteed requirements for your programme, including the rank score, you will be offered a place in the programme.

Is a Early Programme Offer the same as a Fast Track offer?

Yes, essentially this is part of an expanded range of Fast Track offers.

Do the 2022 entry requirements for School Leavers apply to International students?

For International students currently studying in New Zealand (NCEA, Cambridge International or International Baccalaureate), these adjusted entry requirements will apply.

My Year 12 results are not strong, are there options for me?

If your Year 12 results are not strong – don’t worry, you should apply anyway. We will consider other options for you in order to help you meet University Entrance and other programme requirements and will be able to outline these options to you in your Offer letter.

We encourage you to continue your Year 13 study, as we will assess these results once they are available in January.

Will I automatically be declined if my Year 12 results are not strong?

Students won’t be declined on the basis of Year 12 results. Where Year 12 results do not result in an offer for a particular programme:

  • An offer to an alternate programme may be made, AND
  • The application for the preferred programme will be retained and reassessed once Year 13 results are available.  

Your first-choice programme application will always be considered and assessed when results are available – if you haven’t received an Offer already.

Do I need to continue to perform well in Year 13 if more emphasis is placed on Year 12 results?

Students are encouraged to continue to make a full commitment to their Year 13 studies for the remainder of their year so that they are well placed for success at the University of Auckland.

I still have questions. Where can I get more information?

Our Academic Advisers can discuss your options and help you plan ahead. You can book an appointment with an Academic Adviser directly. Or you can contact our helpful Student Contact Centre by phone 0800 61 62 63 or email.