Vice-Chancellor's Student Support Fund

High performing students representing the University or New Zealand can apply for financial assistance through the Vice-Chancellor’s Student Support Fund.

About the support fund

The University of Auckland aims to create an environment where academic excellence can be combined with personal development and achievement. The Vice Chancellor’s Student Support Fund encourages these opportunities by offering financial assistance to those who are achieving at the highest levels, in areas including (but not limited to) art, dance, music, robotics and theatrics.

Application criteria

  • You must be enrolled at the University of Auckland at the time of the event for which you are requesting funding, and be in good academic standing.
  • You must have been selected to represent New Zealand or the University of Auckland at a regional, national, or international event.
  • Applications must be made for the individual’s involvement only. Any club activity funding requests should be directed through the club grant funding process.
  • Awards are for travel, accommodation and registration costs only.
  • The event or activity must fall within the same academic year as which the funding application is being made. It is not provided retrospectively.
  • A maximum of $2,000 is available per award (the amount awarded is determined by the panel).
  • Applicants may receive one award at undergraduate level and one award at postgraduate level.

Applications for these activities will not be considered

  • Sport (For sports-related funding, please see the High Performance Student Support Programme)
  • Activities which are part of a formal programme of study or covered by PReSS accounts
  • Delegate attendance at conferences, symposiums, forums, development tours and workshops
  • Internships
  • Retrospective activities

Application process

  • Applications are accepted through four grant rounds.
    Round One: 13 - 31 March
    Round Two: 8 - 26 May
    Round Three: 17 July - 4 August
    Round Four: 11 - 29 September
  • The Vice Chancellor Student Support Fund panel will review applications and you will be notified of the outcome within ten working days.
  • If approved, funding will be paid directly into your bank account. You will be required to provide receipts as proof that funding has been spent as agreed.
  • Should funding be exhausted prior to the completion of the four grant rounds, then the fund will be closed and re-open at the start of Semester One the following year.

For any queries, please contact the fund administrator on