International marketing and business development

Meet our International Marketing and Business Development team, who drive international student recruitment for the University of Auckland.

Gabrielle Edwards is the Administrative Assistant.

International Managers

Karen Dorrian (Medical and Health Sciences) Senior International Manager

Lee Hsieh (Science) International Manager

Marcelo Credidio (Business) International Manager

Samantha Cruttenden (Education and Social Work, Creative Arts and Industries) International Manager

Anna Frisk (Arts) International Manager

Ryan Gamon (Engineering) International Manager

Business Development Team

William Ho Senior Business Development Manager

Jennifer Woronuk Business Development Manager

Liam Gorrie Business Analyst

Grace Zhi Business Development Coordinator

Vivi Peng China Marketing and Business Development Representative (based in China)

Vinayak Rao India Recruitment Adviser (based in India)

Marketing Team

Shane Ball International Marketing Manager

Kirsten Brown International Communications and Liaison Officer

Jessica Chen Marketing Officer

Maggie Zhang International Marketing Adviser

Michelle D'Silva Marketing Officer

Huixi Yao China Social Media Assistant