Alex Koh

Alex comes from Singapore and is studying towards a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology.

Alex Koh

“I originally studied Engineering for three years, but didn’t feel fully satisfied. As I have always had a passion for how the mind works, I decided to make psychology my chosen field.

“I find the academic staff at the University to be approachable, helpful, and dedicated, with a passion for teaching and knowledge. One of my future goals is to be eligible for a postgraduate scholarship. My studies at the University of Auckland will provide me with the fundamental skills required to succeed in postgraduate and further education.”

I was so honoured to be chosen as a recipient for the International Student Scholarship, I felt speechless really. This scholarship reduces my tuition cost, enabling me to dedicate less of my time to work and to focus more on my studies.

“The application process was really straightforward – all the information that was required of me was clearly stated and my application was processed really quickly.

“Out of interest, I joined the University of Auckland Investment Club. It was a wonderful experience as I learned about strategies to improve my financial decisions, to think ahead, and to develop my delayed gratification skills.

“For any students thinking about applying for this scholarship, my advice would be don’t think that you’re not good enough. That’s what I felt when I was considering submitting my application, but like the quote from my favourite movie, Forrest Gump, goes: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”