Diana Benavides Prado

Diana is from Colombia and is a recipient of the Colfuturo scholarship. She is studying for her PhD in Computer Science.

Diana Benevides Colfuturo

“My research is about building better machine learning models by transferring and sharing information between tasks. Machine learning is becoming increasingly important as more data is being collected from a wide variety of sources (computers, mobile devices, internet, etc.). It uses computational models to explain real-world behaviours as described by data. Such models can then be utilised to predict future events, so that humans can make better decisions that lead to better outcomes. Machine learning has applications in many areas, such as government, finance, healthcare, customer management, natural sciences.”

I have always been impressed by the quality of the research in New Zealand, especially in my research field, and by New Zealand as a country.

Diana Benevides Prado

“Apart from academia, I would like to apply what I have learned in real-world problems. I would also like to combine this with teaching so as to encourage others to do research in this area. My study at the University of Auckland has already been really useful for that, since I have learned a lot of new things in less than one year!

“The General Library here is amazing! You can really find anything you want, it’s quiet, very organised, and has a wonderful view of the sea! If you need concentration, this is the place to be.

“I enjoy the quality of life here very much. Living in the heart of the city, at a University Residence, being able to walk to University every single day, going for a run from time to time makes living in Auckland a great experience.”