Tatum Adiningrum

Tatum, a New Zealand Scholarship recipient from Indonesia, is a PhD graduate from the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education. In 2019 she was placed on the Dean’s list in recognition of excellence achieved with her PhD thesis.

Tatum Adiningrum

“As an academic, doing a PhD is a career requirement. Being a New Zealand scholar helped me to achieve that goal and more. It enabled me to study in a programme that is recognised as one of the best in the world, gave me a strong qualification, and a high quality network for my future career.”

A New Zealand scholarship frees students from the worry of transitioning to a new culture, as there are support systems and processes to ease your integration into New Zealand. This allows students to focus more on their studies.

“Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked in academic development at a university. Doing a PhD in that area strengthens my skills and was also a strategic move, because I am a lecturer in the Department of Management. Choosing a topic that covers both education and management fits my dual focus at work.

“I did my Master of Education in Australia, so I was familiar with Australian and New Zealand educational institutions. I wanted to do my PhD at a prominent university and to concentrate on management, particularly in higher education. The Faculty of Education and Social Work has a very good standing in terms of research, and it has the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education – both of those factors shaped my decision to study at the University of Auckland.

“My goal is to achieve expertise in the area of academic development by continuing to publish and conduct research. My supervisors have given me access to an academic development network, and I plan to use and expand that network in the future.”