Junan Chen

Junan Chen, from China, is studying towards a Master of Engineering Studies in Mechatronics Engineering.

Junan Chen

“I started to make novel creations when I was around six or seven years old, with the support of my family at home. I enjoy the process of making something new and was always working as a team member in school robot groups preparing for national robot competitions. I think those experiences led me into the area of Mechatronics Engineering."

I was very honoured to be a winner of the International Student Excellence Scholarship at the University of Auckland. Because the scholarship covers a major part of my living costs during the year, I don’t have to work during the week to support myself, so I can spend more time on my studies and focus on my research project which is very intensive work.

“I am working on a research project to design a soft robotic glove for those who need to improve hand dexterity. It is a challenging and meaningful project under the supervision of Dr Minas Liarokapis. This new research area gives me a great opportunity to learn more about machine design and the brain-machine interface.

“The high-quality education provided by the University of Auckland, the various scholarships on offer, and a very good natural and social environment in New Zealand motivated me to study here. The well-equipped facilities on campus give me a great place to study and relax. I really enjoy the friendly and open multicultural social environment in Auckland and the amazing natural views.

“The teaching staff at the University are helpful, enthusiastic, and patient. My supervisor and the other lecturers offer guidance if I encounter problems during study, and the university staff have been responsive to my questions since I first started my application. I really appreciate their help and efforts.

“My plan is to work as an engineer solving practical problems in a future enterprise. The University of Auckland gives me not only the theoretical basis for my career development, but also unique opportunities to put textbook knowledge into practice.”