Soomin Kim

Soomin, originally from South Korea, is studying towards her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Commerce conjoint degree.

“Being involved in the School of Music as a pianist is highly stimulating. I constantly face an endless stream of opportunities to develop my skills and fulfil my interest. I got to learn about early keyboard instruments – harpsichord, fortepiano, etc. – which, as a student of the modern piano, I had never thought of encountering until I took MUS 122 and met Associate Professor, James Tibbles.

“I am surrounded by teachers who are fantastic not only at teaching but also at supporting the students. I love that my piano teacher, Senior Lecturer Stephen De Pledge, has encouraged me to experiment with various ways of playing each piece and explore my own musical potential, rather than just telling me what to do. I always feel respected, which in turn motivates me to succeed.”

The English language competency I have acquired while studying in Auckland will be one of my biggest strengths when it comes to searching for employment anywhere in the world, and will provide me with a lot more opportunities to enter the international workforce.

“The University is almost a microcosm of the increasingly globalised world. I appreciate the loveliness of most New Zealanders, and my daily life is energised by delightful interactions with other people. This is such a wonderful environment to be studying in, and I am certain that anyone who decides to come to the University of Auckland will absolutely agree with me.”