New Zealand border opening

As of 11.59pm on 31 July 2022 New Zealand’s border has re-opened and international students are eligible to apply for visas to study in New Zealand.

Visa information

As of 11.59pm, 31 July 2022, the border has re-opened and normal visa processing has resumed for all categories.

Detailed instructions on how to apply for your student visa can be found on our Visa information pages.

Webinar: Border opening and coming to New Zealand

With New Zealand's borders re-opening and visa processing resuming, we hosted a webinar for all international students who are considering travelling to New Zealand during Semester Two, and transferring from offshore to onshore studies:

Border opening: What you need to know if you are planning on coming to New Zealand to study during Semester Two 2022. 

Our International Student support team covered:

  • Student visa application requirements
  • What to do when you arrive in New Zealand
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Post-study work visa requirements


When can I apply for my student visa to study in New Zealand?

Students can apply for their visa from 1 August 2022.

When can I travel to New Zealand?

As soon as your visa has been granted by Immigration New Zealand.

If I obtain a valid student visa, can I arrive in New Zealand and be able to start my study after Semester Two commences?

Students who are enrolled in online study for Semester Two can arrive on campus during the semester and change from online to on-campus study in New Zealand with valid visas.

Further information

For more information on border entry requirements, visit the Immigration New Zealand website.