Danish Study Abroad Scholarships

The scholarship is awarded to Danish students for study periods abroad that form part of a Danish study programme or for a complete masters degree. It is a condition that the study period abroad is fully credited in your Danish study programme. The study abroad scholarship can be awarded for up to two years. However, you can only receive the scholarship for a maximum of one year if you wish to study abroad in connection with a short-cycle education programme (KVU).

  • Study Abroad programmes - duration of up to two (2) years
  • Masters programmes - duration of up to two (2) years

Students who wish to study abroad may apply for a scholarship for up to two years. The scholarship is intended to partly or wholly cover the tuition fees at certain study programmes in other countries.

Application procedure

  1. Check the scholarship requirements and eligibility
  2. Apply online to the University of Auckland

More detailed information about the application process is available at:


A number of conditions must be met in order to be awarded the scholarship for studies abroad:

  • You must be entitled to the student grant (SU) and fulfil the conditions for receiving it. (This applies even though you may not wish to receive the student grant).
  • You must have been admitted to a study programme abroad. You must apply for admission yourself.
  • You have to pay a tuition fee to your place of education abroad. You must produce documentation that you have paid the tuition fee, how much you have paid and what the tuition fee covers. Remember that your invoice must cover a maximum of 6 months’ tuition fee.
  • If you are taking a complete masters degree, or your study period abroad takes more than one year, you must document the progress of your studies. In other words, you must document that you have followed and passed the courses and examinations that your study programme involves.

English language requirements

All intending University of Auckland candidates must meet:

Application deadlines

You can apply for a scholarship for studies abroad for a study period or a whole masters programme. You can apply for a study abroad scholarship at the earliest 12 months before the study programme commences, but you may only apply for periods of study/semesters you have not yet finished.

How much can you receive?

There is a maximum limit to the study abroad scholarship. The amount at most corresponds to the sum received by a Danish educational institution for a corresponding study programme in Denmark. Should the tuition fees at the foreign educational institution be higher than the Danish scholarship, you must pay the remainder of the fee yourself.

It is important that you document that you have to pay a tuition fee and that the invoice at maximum covers the tuition fee for six months. A scholarship is paid out for a period of maximum six months.

The scholarship for studies abroad will be deposited in your NemKonto two weeks before the due date of the tuition fee, two months at the earliest before studies commence. The scholarship for studies abroad is awarded independent of your personal earnings, and in principle you do not have to pay tax on the scholarship.

If the tuition fee you have paid to the foreign educational institution is refunded in whole or in part, either because you interrupt your studies or for some other reason, you must pay the amount back to the Danish Education Support Agency. If you have paid part of the tuition fee yourself, the amount you are obliged to pay back will be fixed on the same scale as the relation between the scholarship for studies abroad and your own contribution when the tuition fee was paid.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the visa requirements for studying in Auckland, New Zealand?
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Q. How can I find out more about living and studying in Auckland, New Zealand?
A. Information about living in Auckland

Q. When should I contact the academic staff in your university in the areas of my research interests?
A. You can contact the academic staff at any time throughout the year.

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