Consumer information

As per the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008, the US government requires institutions offering federal student loans to disclose the following consumer information. If you require further information, please contact the Financial Aid Coordinator at the University of Auckland (the University).

Institutional and financial assistance information for students

  1. The University of Auckland’s 2015 three-year Cohort Default Rate is 3.7.
  2. For information on US financial aid at the University of Auckland, please visit US Financial Aid.
  3. All academic programme information and regulations are available in the University of Auckland Calendar.
  4. For general information about the University of Auckland, its staff and facilities please refer to the University of Auckland Calendar.
  5. The University’s regulations on transfer credit are available in the University of Auckland Calendar.
  6. Academic programme information (educational programme, instructional facilities and faculty)
  7. Information on the University’s enrolment and completion rates are available in the Annual Report.
  8. For information on price of attendance, including tuition fees and cost of living, please refer to Tuition fees and costs.
  9. The University Bookshop is the official supplier of textbooks for the University. Visit the University Bookshop.
  10. Refund policy, requirements for withdrawal and return of Title IV financial aid: 
  11. The University’s policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement, including computer use and file sharing, are available at:
  12. Information about the University's vaccinations is provided by University Health Services. Advice about vaccinations is outlined on Ministry of Health website.
  13. The University supports students with a range of impairments to succeed and excel within the University. For further information please visit Student Disability Services.
  14. Under New Zealand legislation, the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (Universities NZ) undertakes the powers held by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) for programme approval and accreditation. Universities NZ has delegated its powers to the Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP) who undertake programme approval and accreditation functions within policies developed by NZQA.

Privacy of student records

The collection, use, storage, disclosure and correction of personal information by the University are governed by the Privacy Act 1993. View the University's information about Privacy.

Drug and alcohol abuse prevention

  1. The University provides a comprehensive health care service to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students. Advice on drug and alcohol prevention is available. See Alcohol and other drugs.
  2. Rules on bringing and or consuming alcoholic liquor on University Premises are published in the Campus Rules.
    Additional rules apply to students residing in University Residences and these are published under Residential Rules.
  3. New Zealand's drug control laws can be viewed in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975.
  4. The US Department of Education provides information on the penalties associated with drug-related offences under the US Higher Education Act.

Emergencies and personal safety

Loan disclosures

  1. The US Department of Education publishes Student loan information.
  2. Individual borrower’s loan information is available at National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).
  3. The University reports the US financial aid student’s enrolment on NSLDS at least 6 times a year. See US Financial Aid.
  4. Before a loan will be approved at the University, Entrance Counselling is required to be completed online at
  5. At the University, the US financial aid students are required to complete online Exit Counselling before they withdraw, graduate or drop below half-time. See Exit Counselling.

Code of conduct for education loan

The University’s code of conduct prohibits

  • Revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender
  • Receiving gifts from a lender, a guarantor, or a loan servicer
  • Contracting arrangement providing financial benefit from any lender or affiliate of a lender
  • Directing borrowers to particular lenders, or refusing or delaying loan certification
  • Offers of funds for private loans
  • Call centre or financial aid office staffing assistance
  • Advisory board compensation.

Private education loan

  1. Private Loan Self-Certification Form is available online
  2. The University does not have a preferred lender. If you are applying for a private US student loan, the University will work with whichever private lender you decide to use, if the lender is willing to work with us. See Private loans.
  3. The University does not have Preferred Lender Arrangements.