Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of your educational expenses for your academic period (12-month maximum) at the University.

The US Higher Education Act, Sec 474 specifies the types of costs that are included in the COA. The University determines the appropriate and maximum amounts to include for each eligible COA category for US financial aid students at the University. The amounts outlined below are considered to be adequate for normal student living expenses.

The COA is calculated in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and is converted to US dollars at the exchange rate that is available on the day the application is assessed.

2019 Cost of Attendance (COA) for US financial aid recipients

Expense Amount (NZ$) Notes
Living expenses NZ$496/week Living expenses include room, grocery, local transportation and
miscellaneous personal expenses. This is the maximum amount and you may
request less.
Tuition and fees Visit Fees and money matters Tuition fees are dependent on your programme of study.
Books and supplies NZ$1,000 This is identical for all students regardless of programme of study. Claims for a personal computer will not be accepted as computers are free to use on campus.
Return flight to US (contribution) NZ$2,500 Contribution to the cost of a return flight to the US is included in the COA each year. Australian and New Zealand Citizens/Permanent Residents are not eligible for this contribution.
Studentsafe-University insurance NZ$620 Insurance is compulsory for all international students. It is not required for Australian and New Zealand Citizens/Permanent Residents

The University has a duty of care to encourage responsible student borrowing and to ensure commencing students are aware that relocation costs are not included as part of the COA.

US financial aid students must ensure that they have at least 6-8 weeks of personal and accessible funds to account for any unforeseen circumstances and to cover all non-education related expenses throughout the period of their study.

Cost of Attendance Appeal (Professional Judgement)

A financial aid student may appeal his/her Cost of Attendance calculation. However, a Cost of Attendance appeal is not intended to be an extension of general living costs. For more information on how to make an appeal, please refer to the Cost of Attendance policy.

Exchange rate policy

The University accepts no responsibility for any variation in currency exchange rates.This applies to Direct Loans and variations between the points of a calculated Cost of Attendance and between the first, second, and if applicable, third disbursements.