Veterans Affairs funding

The University of Auckland (the University) is an eligible institution to receive Veterans Affairs education benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The Financial Aid Coordinator will certify your enrolment and report your tuition and fees to the VA office when you are admitted to the University and finalise your enrolment.

Step One - Submit an Application to the US Department of Veteran Affairs

All VA students must submit an application to the US Department of Veterans Affairs before they start their study at the University. The application can be submitted online through Veteran Online Application Website (VONAPP).  

If you do not have access to apply online, you can call +1-888-442-4551 for assistance.

Step Two - Receive a copy of Certification of Eligibility from the VA Regional Processing Office

The VA Regional Processing Office will process your application and determine your eligibility. If the application is approved, you will receive a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility detailing your entitlement.

Step Three - Inform the University of your VA benefit eligibility

Submit a copy of the Certification of Eligibility to the Financial Aid Coordinator. If your academic programme at the University is not on the list of approved programmes on the VA website, the Financial Aid Coordinator will contact the VA Foreign Programme Approval Team and request for the programme to be added.

Step Four - Certify your enrolment with VA and report your tuition

You must notify the Financial Aid Coordinator when you finalise your enrolment. The Financial Aid Coordinator will certify your enrolment and report your tuition and fees in the VA online system approximately two months prior to the start of each semester.

Step Five - Receive an award letter from VA

The award letter is an official written notice from the Department of Veterans Affairs to a student of his/her monthly rate of payment, the inclusive dates of payment, and remaining entitlement at the end of the award period. It is a good source of information for student visa applications. The award letter will be mailed to your mailing address.Your mailing addresses and direct deposit information must be kept up to date.  

Step Six - Receive VA payment

The Post-9/11 GI Bill tuition is paid to the school. The housing stipend is paid monthly to the student. Book & Supplies are paid to the student at the beginning of the semester. The University accepts no responsibility for any variation in currency exchange rates.Log in to your e-Benefit to track the status of your enrolment, your payment history and your remaining eligibility.

Note: if the VA benefits for which you are eligible do not meet your expected costs, you may apply for US Financial Aid under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans Programme. You are responsible for the outstanding tuition and fees payment.