Student Visa Assistance Service Terms and Conditions

Important terms and conditions for this service.

  1. This offer is for the following eligible prospective students (applicants):
    • International applicants
    • With firm or conditional offer for any undergraduate or sub-doctoral programme listed under the Find a study option - The University of Auckland, residing in ASEAN or selected South Asian countries (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal)
    • Will commence studies on shore in New Zealand in Semester 2 or Quarter 4 2023, or in Semester 1 2024
    • Must not be associated with an education agency
  2. The University reserves the right to vary the terms of (and the benefits available under) The WorldGrad Student Visa Assistance from time to time at its discretion. Changes will updated on The WorldGrad Student Visa Service website.
  3. In order to take up this offer, eligible applicants will need to complete the Application form located on The WorldGrad Student Visa Assistance Service website.
  4. Upon signing up, their details will be checked on the student services portal to ensure that they are eligible for the service.
  5. Their details will be shared with The WorldGrad who will then contact them via the contact details they provided on the sign-up form.
  6. The WorldGrad will work with the eligible applicants on the following:
    • 1. Academic documents, tests and Statement of Purpose:
    • Ensuring all academic documents are in order and authentic
    • Verification of IELTS and PTE scores
    • Guiding students in preparing their Statement of Purpose making it submission-ready in accordance with University and embassy guidelines
    • 2. Financial Documentation:
    • Guidance in gathering financial documents across a range of sources and checking for authenticity
    • Advising students on various authentic methods of demonstrating funds and income across multiple sources
    • Conducting detailed assessment of bank statements
    • Finalising financial documents for visa filing as per the New Zealand Embassy Checklist
    • 3. Visa application and post submission activities:
    • Guidance in completing the New Zealand online student visa application form
    • Guidance in undertaking e-medical tests
    • Post visa submission activities which include: receipt and acknowledgement of application, follow ups, additional document and interview requests, real-time sharing of AIP updates with students, parents and the University
    • Uploading final documents onto the embassy visa portal
  7. Signing up to this service will give permission for The WorldGrad to apply on behalf of the eligible applicant to process student visa application.
  8. Whilst the service does its best to ensure that all aspects of the student application is complete and submission ready, there is no guarantee that the application will be successful.
  9. This is a free service for eligible applicants and they do not require to pay The WorldGrad for this service. However, they will need to make the required payments to Immigration New Zealand.
  10. As soon as applicants get an approval, they will need to inform The WorldGrad which will then inform the University.
  11. The service does not include the provision of general immigration related advice outside the scope of pursuing education at University of Auckland. Specific immigration questions should be directed to Immigration New Zealand.