Taught masters for international students

Information for international students interested in studying a taught (coursework) masters at the University of Auckland.

Masters programmes at the University of Auckland are generally 180 points (18 months of full-time study) or 240 points (two years of full-time study). If you have completed a year of postgraduate study, e.g. a postgraduate diploma, you may be admitted directly to a 120 point version (one year of full-time study).

Masters degrees are generally offered as either research or taught (coursework) masters. A number of our masters programmes have an additional Semester Two (late July) intake.

We offer a number of taught masters degrees across various disciplines. Taught masters will provide you with advanced specialist training in your chosen field. They are usually completed by coursework only, although some can include a dissertation. The duration is typically two semesters.

As New Zealand’s premier research-led university, we also offer a large number of research masters for international students.

Why study at the University of Auckland?

The University of Auckland is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings 2016/17).

We have 15 subjects ranked in the top 50 worldwide (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016).

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest and most comprehensive university. It has a strong focus on quality with selective entrance to all programmes.

Our main City Campus is located in the heart of Auckland, which is ranked third out of 230 world cities in the 2016 Mercer Quality of Living Rankings.

If you want to study for a world-class qualification in an exciting and dynamic environment, take some time now to browse through our website and discover what’s on offer.

Popular taught masters programmes


Master of Arts (MA)

There is a wide range of specialisations available for the taught MA, including Art History, Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Chinese, Comparative Literature, Development Studies, Drama, Economics, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Languages and Literature, Linguistics, Media Film and TV, Pacific Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Spanish, Statistics, and Translation Studies.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL)

The MTESOL, comparable to an MA in TESOL, is designed for students with teaching experience who want a strong academic foundation in teaching English as a second/foreign language. You can take the MTESOL on campus, online or in a combination of both.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Public Policy (MPP)

The MPP degree includes the study of policy process and the economics and evaluation of public policy. You will gain knowledge of the research skills used in policy analysis and development. You will be able to form an understanding of issues in public policy and develop your leadership potential and expertise in policy research and analysis relevant to the government and non-government sectors.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Indigenous Studies (MIndigSt)

The 18-month MIndigSt engages with diverse international indigenous perspectives in a changing global environment. This programme will suit you if you are interested in understanding the issues and challenges that face indigenous cultures both in New Zealand and internationally. Topics you would study include human rights, comparative indigenous studies and indigenous law and policy.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies (MCTS)

The MCTS is designed to advance your knowledge and skills in the study of conflict and terrorism at both the inter- and intra-state level. You can develop your potential for roles in government and security, international organisations, policy making, peace-keeping, and post-conflict government and development. The programme is 12 or 18 months, depending on your prior study.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Heritage Conservation (MHerCons) – Museums and Cultural Heritage

The MHerCons specialisation in Museums and Cultural Heritage aims to provide students with a sound knowledge base of the key roles, functions, history and ongoing shifts in the field of museums and cultural heritage, and equip students with the research skills needed to investigate real-world issues in relation to museums and cultural heritage.

Business School

Master of International Business (MIntBus)

The MIntBus is a specialist applied postgraduate programme featuring both classroom and experiential learning components. It features a core of International Business courses covering global business, strategic cross-cultural management, global trade and finance, competition, related elective courses and an optional internship. Designed for students with a degree in business or a relevant non-business discipline.
Programme start dates: April, September

Master of Management (MMgt)

The MMgt is a 15-month programme that is designed for high-achieving university graduates who are keen to start on the management track. Designed for students with a degree in business or a relevant non-business discipline, this programme offers specialisations in Business, Accounting, International Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management or Supply Chain Management.
Programme start dates: April, September

Master of Professional Accounting (MProfAcctg)

Designed for students with a degree in business or a relevant non-business discipline, the MProfAcctg is an 18-month programme that will provide you with the knowledge and skills in business, accounting, finance, commercial law and taxation.
Programme start dates: April, September

Master of Marketing (MMktg)

Designed for students with a degree in business or a relevant non-business discipline. The MMktg is an 18-month programme aimed at helping you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in marketing. Graduates will gain an appreciation of contemporary marketing in a global context and the ability to identify market opportunities and develop appropriate marketing strategies.
Programme start dates: April, September

Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)

The MHRM is an 18-month professional coursework masters programme designed for graduates intending to pursue a career in human resource management and related fields. Specialist courses in HR policy and practice, HR analytics and Strategic HRM are complemented by courses in accounting, global operations management and marketing. Opportunities for the development of a strong portfolio of professional skills lead into a specialist HRM focussed industry-linked consulting project.
Programme start date: Every April and September

Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM)

The MSCM is an 18-month coursework masters degree programme designed for graduates intending to pursue a career in supply chain management and related fields. Specialist courses in supply chain management, strategic sourcing, services operations and supply chain analytics are complemented by courses in accounting, global operations management and marketing. Opportunities for the development of a strong portfolio of professional skills lead into a specialist supply chain management focused industry-linked consulting project.
Programme start date: Every April and September (from September 2020)

Creative Arts and Industries

Master of Architecture (Professional) (MArch(Prof))

The MArch(Prof) is professionally accredited degree recognised by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB), the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA). It is the qualification that is required to apply for registration as a professional architect. The first year includes taught seminars, professional studies courses and studio design topics. In the second year you will prepare a research thesis, where you will fully explore your chosen architectural proposition in a practical design context, underpinned by a strong theoretical component.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Urban Planning (Professional) (MUrbPlan(Prof))

This professionally-accredited degree is specifically designed for people who have an undergraduate degree in another discipline and are seeking to gain a professionally accredited urban planning education enabling their access to practice. The programme is research-led, drawing on the latest developments in urban planning scholarship and examining a range of New Zealand and international examples of best urban planning practice.
Programme start date: March

Master of Urban Design (MUrbDes)

The Master of Urban Design (MUrbDes) aims to build your knowledge about the complexities of urban environments, and provides essential professional skills in urban place and space design. If you have a professionally recognised bachelors or masters qualification in architecture, urban planning or landscape architecture, or another qualification coupled with relevant practice experience, the Master of Urban Design offers you the opportunity to develop advanced knowledge, techniques and skills for the analysis and design of urban environments.
Programme start date: March

Master of Heritage Conservation (MHerCons) – Built Heritage

The Built Heritage specialisation of the MHerCons is a broad and multi-disciplinary degree, reflecting the nature of the heritage industry. The programme includes courses taught by the School of Architecture and Planning and elective options in Museums and Cultural Heritage, Art History, Archaeology and Sociology.

Education and Social Work

Master of Professional Studies in Mathematics Education

This programme is designed for mathematics teachers who wish to study and research their classroom practice. The degree brings together research, mathematical knowledge, and professional experience to develop critical approaches to mathematics teaching and learning. The specialisation is jointly offered by the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education.

Master of Educational Leadership

Learn the skills to make a difference to the quality of education in your current or future workplaces. This programme is suitable for both current and aspiring educational leaders. The programme includes coursework and a dissertation.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Social Work (Professional)

Designed for those who want to become a qualified social worker and who already hold a general undergraduate degree with study in a relevant discipline such as social sciences, sociology, psychology, health science or human services. The 2-year programme includes lectures, discussion, student presentations, skills laboratories, group work, individual research and investigation, practicum placements and self-directed study. The strong practical focus to this programme will enable you to participate in 120 days of supervised practicum work in the community, arranged and coordinated by a highly experienced team at the Faculty of Education and Social Work.
Programme start date: March

Master of Education Practice

If you are a practising teacher who would like to advance your knowledge, skills and qualification and apply them directly to your own work context, this programme offers flexible pathways for you to achieve your goals. You can choose to study by courses with a practice project or by courses only. The practice project is a 45-point independent study focused on your own teaching and learning context, with a view to improving student learning. You will be equipped with world-leading research, knowledge and tools to help enhance your own teaching practice, so that you can better achieve positive and equitable outcomes for diverse communities and learners.


Master of Engineering Studies (MEngSt)

The MEngSt is a course-based programme with the option to include a research project, and is aimed at providing an advanced technical or management foundation and industrial perspective. The programme is offered in sixteen specialisations, some with a structured set of course requirements and others with more flexible course options and electives.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Energy (MEnergy)

The Master of Energy is an interfaculty postgraduate degree that enables students with undergraduate backgrounds in Engineering, Science or Commerce to undertake graduate studies in energy.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Engineering Management (MEMgmt)

Sometimes viewed as an MBA for engineers, the Master of Engineering Management programme is designed to accelerate the development of management and business expertise among professional engineers. This degree is offered jointly with the University of Auckland Business School. It provides an advanced academic and professional qualification for engineering management.
Programme start dates: March, July

Master of Disaster Management (MDisMgt)

This programme is designed to prepare people for careers and leadership roles in disaster management. It aims to provide graduates with the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills required to underpin successful approaches to addressing the management of disasters in complex urban environments. It concentrates on key issues such as disaster resilience and risk management. This programme is for anyone wanting to work in the field of humanitarian aid, disaster risk, recovery, resilience or disaster management or people who want to understand the impact of disasters on societies and help with making societies more resilient to disasters. The programme includes a research project.
Programme start dates: March, July

Law School

Master of Laws (LLM)

The LLM by coursework offers law graduates an opportunity to study areas in greater depth and complexity than within a undergraduate law degree, combining courses of sophistication and technical difficulty in terms of legal content with courses that contain relevant interdisciplinary subject matter and a focus on policy. The LLM programme offers six specialisations: Commercial and Corporate Law, Public Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, International Law, and Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Master of Legal Studies

This programme has a similar structure to the Master of Laws and offers six specialisations: Corporate and Commercial Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, International Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, and Public Law.
The MLS allows cross-disciplinary study of postgraduate courses from other University of Auckland faculties, enabling you to advance your professional skills while acquiring knowledge of the law. The 120-point MLS option is available to professionals with a four-year degree. The 180-point MLS option is available to professionals with a three-year degree.

Master of Taxation

This programme is an opportunity for graduates to develop, and for practitioners to update and hone, their knowledge of tax law. Courses are scheduled to take into account work commitments. The focus of the MTaxS programme is on tax law, with the technical issues explained by academics and practitioners in the field. The courses cover predominantly legislation and case law applicable to taxation, but also draw from disciplines such as economics and accounting. The new 180-point MTaxS option is now available to professionals with a three-year degree.

Medical and Health Sciences

Master of Health Leadership

An innovative qualification for health professionals and graduates of health sciences, public health, commerce, law and arts degrees, who seek to improve the experiences of patients, the health of communities and populations and the operations of health services. Students will develop leadership capabilities for the health sector and prepare for careers in health management, heath care quality improvement, international health and other areas. Three specialisations are offered, Health Management, Clinical Quality and Safety and International Health. Registration with appropriate health bodies is not required to undertake this programme.
Programme start dates: March, July.


Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech)

The MInfoTech offers students a programme of study that is tailored to their individual backgrounds, interests and aspirations to meet an ongoing demand for information and communication technology (ICT) specialists worldwide. Students cultivate skills in a specialist field such as data management, digital security, networking, artificial intelligence or enterprise computing. You will get the opportunity to gain valuable work experience during a three-month long internship, so that you are ready for the workforce at graduation.

Master of Professional Studies in Data Science

This programme provides insight into how to get the most out of the data within an organisation and brings together a range of expertise to provide a unique combination of courses in Computer Science, Statistics and Information Systems. Students will learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management and mining, statistical computing and modelling. Alongside these core skills, knowledge gained in entrepreneurship and business enables graduates to meet global demand for industry professionals who can turn data into insight.

Master of Professional Studies in Digital Security

The demand for digital security specialists is soaring in New Zealand. Worldwide, the demand for security specialists far outstrips the supply. This programme provides insight into how to design, plan and manage a secure IT infrastructure. It brings together a range of expertise to provide a unique combination of courses, covering topics like the Identification of vulnerabilities within a network, physical security and surveillance, and governance and risk analysis.

Master of Science

This degree allows you to undertake advanced study and will provide you with the opportunity to undertake independent research in an area of interest, and to further develop your research skills, with the below subjects available in taught programmes:

  • Mathematics
  • Medical Statistics
  • Statistics

Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice (MSLTPrac)

The MSLTPrac is the only postgraduate degree in New Zealand to provide a practical qualification in Speech Language Therapy. It teaches skills to diagnose and treat the full range of speech, language, fluency, voice and swallowing problems in both adults and children.

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