Costs and fees for Study Abroad

Find out about tuition fees, insurance and visa fees, and living costs.


Exchange programme

Exchange students pay fees to their home university.

Study Abroad programme

Study Abroad students pay a single flat fee. This covers tuition fees for a full-time course of study and student services.*

2020 Study Abroad semester fee: NZ$12,950.

Note: If you withdraw from the programme after paying your fees, we will charge a NZ$1000 withdrawal fee. No refund is payable if you withdraw after the ‘alteration to enrolment period’. This is the first two weeks of semester. To check the dates, see Deadlines for changing your enrolment.

*Some Study Abroad students may pay their fees via their home institution or Study Abroad provider. If you need clarification, please check with your home institution or Study Abroad provider.

Screen Tools short course

Screen Tools short course students pay a single fee that includes tuition fees, student services fees, travel insurance, accommodation and field trips (transport and activities).

2020 Screen Tools fee: NZ$7,190.

Insurance and visa


All international students are required to have appropriate health and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. The University of Auckland has selected the Studentsafe-University policy as the preferred insurance policy for international students. This will be applied to a student’s account by default upon enrolment.

Note: The insurance fee is not covered by tuition fees and must be paid by both Study Abroad and Exchange students, unless you are granted a waiver for an alternative insurance policy.

For detailed information and costs, see Health and travel insurance.


Applications have a fee set by Immigration New Zealand.

For more information, see
Applying for a visa 
Immigration New Zealand fees.

Living costs

These include your day-to-day expenses such as accommodation, food, transport, mobile phone, entertainment, etc. You will also need to budget for study-related costs like textbooks, and any travel or holidays. Many Study Abroad and Exchange students take the opportunity to explore other parts of the country during their time in New Zealand.

For a breakdown of costs, see Cost of living.

For University accommodation costs, see Accommodation fees.

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