Sport and recreation internship

Our sport and recreation internship programme offers a unique opportunity for student athletes to gain professional experience while studying abroad.

This programme offers an immersive insight into New Zealand’s tertiary sporting culture and programme offerings.

Internship placements can be tailored to reflect your interests. Responsibilities and opportunities include:

  • 5-10 work hours per week
  • Sports management, event management, coaching, facility management, fitness and wellbeing
  • Leadership training, dedicated workstation and free gym membership

Please note, internships are unpaid in compliance with study abroad student visa requirements in New Zealand. Upon completion, participants will receive a recommendation letter from the University of Auckland Recreation Centre.

You can apply internship hours towards the University of Auckland Leadership and Service Award, to receive formal recognition for volunteer hours on your transcript.  

Important deadlines

Register your interest before 15 January for Semester One and 1 June for Semester Two. A Skype interview may be required.