Study Abroad and Exchange programme

The Study Abroad and Exchange programme allows you to spend a semester or a year studying at the University of Auckland, and earn credits towards your home university qualification.

Subjects you can study

The University of Auckland is New Zealand's largest and most comprehensive university. We offer courses in over 100 subjects. Study Abroad and Exchange students can select 3-4 courses to study per semester.

We encourage students to make the most of their Study Abroad experience by choosing subjects and courses that are unique to New Zealand or unavailable at their home institution.

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Make the most of your Study Abroad experience by choosing subjects and courses that are unique to New Zealand or unavailable at your home institution:

Top ranked subjects

We are ranked among the world’s best universities for many of the subjects we offer. For more information about our world rankings, visit New Zealand's world-ranked University.

Academic dates

Semester One: February-June
Semester Two: July-November
For more detailed information, see Important dates.

Course load

Most courses include 2 lectures or classes per week and one tutorial or lab. Including assignments and out-of-class study, each course should involve about 10 hours work per week.

Example of a study timetable

How to select your courses

  1. Go to Find a study option.
  2. Explore your study options.
  3. Discuss your course selection with an advisor at your home institution.
  4. Choose backup courses and have them approved by your home institution, in case
    there is any difficulty enrolling in your preferred courses.

Find a study option lists all subjects and courses, and includes course codes, point values, short descriptions, relevant semester, and prerequisites (if any) for each course.

Frequently asked questions

What level course can I take?

You should take courses that are at a suitable level for you, based on your prior studies and your home university degree requirements. You will need to discuss this with your home university or your Study Abroad provider.
For information about course levels at the University of Auckland, see What level course can I take?

Can I take courses from outside my major subject?

Most Study Abroad and Exchange students can enrol in courses across different subjects as long as your previous study meets the prerequisites, and you have approval from your home university or Study Abroad provider.
If you are coming to the University of Auckland on a subject-specific exchange, you may be required to take courses from within that subject only. Please contact your home university or Study Abroad provider for clarification.

Can I do research (eg a dissertation or thesis) during my Study Abroad or Exchange semester(s) at the University of Auckland?

No – the Study Abroad and Exchange programmes are restricted to coursework only. This does not include dissertation/thesis writing or supervision. For more information, see the "Postgraduate courses" section below.

Can I take courses on different campuses?

Nearly all courses are taught in four campuses in Auckland.

  • The City Campus is the main university campus.
  • Grafton Campus is within walking distance from the City Campus.
  • Tāmaki Campus can be reached using the University's free shuttle bus service from the City Campus.
  • Epsom Campus is a short bus ride from the City Campus.
  • The Newmarket Campus supports our research activities for the faculties of Engineering and Science.

You can choose courses at different campuses, but make sure you have enough time to get from one campus to another between classes.

Which campus is my course on?

To check which campus a course is taught at, please see the Course catalogue.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Courses not available to Study Abroad and Exchange students:

  • Courses offered in Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy and Optometry.
  • Courses running for the whole academic year - e.g. PSYCH 308A and 308B (except students enrolled for the whole University of Auckland academic year – February to November).
  • 100 level courses in Fine Arts, Architecture and Planning (unless the student is majoring in the subject at their home university)
  • BUSINESS 101 and BUSINESS 102.
  • Graduate School of Management courses running on a quarterly basis – e.g. BUSACT, BUSADMIN etc.
  • Courses ending with the letters F or H - e.g. HISTORY 91F or MAORIHTH 14H. These are foundation year courses and not appropriate for Exchange students.
  • Stage I Engineering courses (ENGGEN 115, ENGGEN 121, ENGGEN 131, ENGGEN 140, ENGGEN 150, ENGSCI 111, ELECTENG 101, CHEMMAT 121) except for those ending in G.

Courses with very limited enrolment availability:

  • Courses ending with the letter G, eg PHYSICS 107G
  • 700 level Finance and Accounting courses
  • Nursing is only available to undergraduate students coming through special arrangements with our School of Nursing
  • Law courses are only available to students coming from our exchange partners with specific Law agreements.  

We recommend that students have a second choice option for each course with limited enrolment availability. Students from these areas must apply early, in particular for Semester Two.

Postgraduate courses

Students who hold the equivalent of a New Zealand bachelors degree may be able to take postgraduate courses if course prerequisites are met and accepted by the faculty. The Study Abroad and Exchange programme is restricted to coursework only and does not include thesis writing and supervision.

Students who wish to study for a full year at postgraduate level are advised to apply for a one-year degree or diploma programme at the University of Auckland. For more information see Study options for international students.