Minnan Normal University

Learn more about the University of Auckland China Learning Centre at Minnan Normal University (MNNU).

Study at the University of Auckland China Learning Centre at Minnan Normal University to get an on-campus experience while studying online with us from China.

You will be supported by a learning coordinator during your studies at MNNU, and academics from the University of Auckland will deliver online content for your programme.

MNNU campus tour

About Minnan Normal University

Minnan Normal University is one of the leading universities in Fujian Province. Located in Zhangzhou City, famous for its history and culture and known as “the land of food and flowers”, the university currently consists of 18 schools and departments.

Students study in ten major disciplines such as literature, history, economy, law, education, science, engineering, management, agriculture and art.

The university has 65 undergraduate programmes on two campuses, 40 masters level programmes, and 4 doctorate training programmes. There are a total of 1239 full-time teachers and more than 20,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students.​

MNNU promotes international exchange and cooperation. At present, it has established cooperative relations with universities in Europe, America, Australasia, and Southeast Asia.​

​With geographical links to Taiwan, the university actively carries out research in Minnan culture and Cross-straits exchange and has established cooperative programmes with six Taiwanese universities.

About Zhangzhou City

Zhangzhou is located on the lower reaches of the Jiulong River in the southeast of Fujian Province.

It was one of China's chief ports for foreign trade in early times and is still a distribution center for commercial cargoes on the Jiulong River.

Zhangzhou is one of the birthplaces of the Hokkien culture. The unique Tulous, or earthen buildings, scattered across the city represent its long-standing Hakka architectural culture.

As one of the famous scenic spots in Fujian Province, Zhangzhou offers beautiful coastal scenery, broad sea views, safe beaches and lush forests.​