Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao

Learn more about the University of Auckland China Learning Centre at Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao (NEUQ).

The University of Auckland China Learning Centre at Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe Campus) gives students in China, who cannot travel to New Zealand due to the Covid-19 crisis, an on-campus experience while studying online with us.

You will be supported by a learning coordinator during your studies at NEUQ and academics from the University of Auckland will deliver online content for your programme.

About Northeastern University of Qinhuangdao

Founded in 1923, Northeastern University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. In September 2017, it entered the ranks of first-class universities. Located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, the university has another campus in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.

Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao (NEUQ) is a full-time general higher education institution officially approved by the Ministry of Education with programmes encompassing undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students. NEUQ embraces an international education philosophy, welcomes international students, and works closely with a number of world-class universities.

The Beidaihe Campus is located 10km from the main Qinhuangdao Campus and library, and 100 meters from the beach.

About Qinhuangdao City

The China Learning Centre at NEUQ is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qinhuangdao, with Yanshan Mountain in the north and Bohai Sea in the south. The campus is lush with bountiful trees and flowers, buildings with different architectural styles, a beautiful and fresh environment, and a strong cultural atmosphere.

This wonderful summer resort boasts a beautiful coastline and a perfect ecological environment. Qinhuangdao is a time-honoured city named after the first emperor in Chinese history Qin Shi Huang who once made his east inspection tour to this place and sent people to the sea to search for immortality

The city has many tourist attractions varying from unique and diverse landscapes to waterfalls, springs, and numerous wildlife and plant species. It is also an important harbour city in North China with the time-honoured Port of Qinhuangdao and a new rising industrial city. There are many cultural relics and historic sites dotted in the city such as the Great Wall.