Online courses

Find out more about online study options for international students and other approved students for 2022 at the University of Auckland.


Some programmes and plans are not available to offshore applicants in 2022. An up-to-date list of programmes that are NOT available can be found below.

Where there are alternative programmes or majors available to start in 2022, this will be advised in the Apply to Study system when selecting an unavailable programme.

For students unable to return to New Zealand to study on campus due to current border restrictions or not eligible to come onto campus, the majority of our courses are available for online study.

Offshore International Students

If you are an international student, to enrol in online courses, complete the enrolment process as usual and select courses showing as "International Offshore" (OO Campus). Please ensure all of the classes you select are at the same location.  

Offshore Domestic Students

If you are a domestic student, please enrol into your courses normally. After enrolling, you can email to have your enrolments changed into an offshore stream.

Onshore Students not eligible to come onto campus

Please email after enrolling into your courses normally.

For more information, you can read about the University’s Requirements for coming onto campus.

Important note: ONLY the courses listed will be available remotely and are subject to change, so please check the list before completing your enrolment.

Summer School 2022

Semester One 2022

Semester Two 2022

All Quarters 2022