PHARMACY 111G Drugs and Society

PHARMACY 111G | Open Schedule | Semester Two 2017 | City Campus


This course will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the multifaceted and diverse roles that drugs play in human societies, particularly in contemporary New Zealand.
Topics will be covered over six themes, including:

  • The basics of how drugs work in the body
  • Drugs' discovery and development
  • Specific types of therapies, including conventional medicines, alternative and complementary
  • Recreational drug use

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should:

  • Understand the basic principles behind drugs and medicines.
  • Be aware of the processes and issues involved with releasing a drug for sale in New Zealand.
  • Understand the values and roles of drugs in different societies.
  • Be able to discuss common complementary medicines such as nutraceuticals, herbal remedies and supplements.
  • Know about drug treatment options for common medical issues in New Zealand.
  • Understand the major aspects of recreational drug use and abuse particularly in modern societies.
  • Be aware of the future for drugs and societies, particularly the issues and developments arising in western societies.
  • Understand how research evidence is used as the basis for the use of drugs in society.

Topics covered

  • An introduction to drug action
  • Drug discovery, development, regulation and advertising
  • Drugs in action
  • Traditional, complementary and alternative medications
  • Recreational drug use in New Zealand


Five multi-choice questionnaire tests (10%)
1,500 word essay (20%)
Mid-semester test (20%)
Final examination (50%)

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