The use of publicly available data in understanding and facilitating regional town centre regeneration and well-being in Aotearoa New Zealand


Prof. Deborah Levy, Dr William Cheung
Faculty of Business
Project code: BUS009

New Zealand is a great place to live and do business. Over many decades social and economic prosperity has become unevenly distributed. Progress of regions has diverged from main urban centres with some locations experiencing contracting population and economy. This project will assist a larger research team on their quest in determining what pathways can be developed to facilitate the future well-being of regional centres in Aotearoa New Zealand. At the core of the research is the notion of ‘place identity’ understanding how town centre regeneration can achieve sustainable outcomes for the community and other stakeholders. The student will use publicly available information including economic and demographic statistics and on-line reviews to assist in the creation of profiles for six towns: Gisborne, Whanganui, Marton, Ashburton, Timaru and Waimate. In order to understand the context of their work a field visit to each of these towns will be facilitated.