National Institute for Health Innovation

Developing behavioural content for a mHealth Intervention targeting Chinese people with chronic pulmonary disease


Professor Chris Bullen

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Project code: MHS005

The overall objective of this project is to develop a smartphone app-based intervention for Chinese people with Chronic Pulmonary Disease. In order to shape the intervention to make it more appropriate for Chinese people, we need a student who is fluent with Chinese to undertake a literature review to identify relevant studies, research and guidelines in regard to the key components of pulmonary rehabilitation (smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise, mental health, medication adherence) in Chinese literature.  Following the literature review, the student will synthesise the findings into recommended content for use in the proposed app. 


  1. Systematic database searching (e.g. search strategies, terms, etc.) 
  2. Data collection and summarising 
  3. Analysing the data from the literature review 
  4. Writing skills (including potential for a published paper) 
  5. Insights of converting exist healthcare supports into mHealth/digital formats