Exploring interventions to improve MMR vaccine uptake


Dr Amy Chan
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
Project code: MHS005

There has been an increase in measles outbreaks nationally and around the world. Much of this has been attributed to a fall in measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine uptake, leading to reduced vaccine cover and the loss of herd immunity. There have been multiple studies of interventions to increase vaccine uptake, and reduce vaccine hesitancy. However, previous reviews have focused on the uptake of the HPV and influenza vaccine and on immunisations in general rather than the MMR vaccine.

This project proposes undertaking a review of interventions which aim to improve MMR to identify and summarise factors which influence MMR uptake and to develop a list of recommendations for stakeholders to consider when designing future vaccine uptake interventions.                                  

The project will provide the students with the following skills: literature searching, literature review, critical appraisal, data extraction, data interpretation, presentation and writing skills. The student will have the opportunity to publish this work if they wish after completion of their scholarship.