Psychological Medicine

Exploring digital factors which allow monitoring and prediction of changes in mood


Dr Frederick Sundram, Dr Amy Chan
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
Project code: MHS008

Globally, there are increasing rates of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. These conditions have the significant rates of disability but are often under-recognised, under-diagnosed and under-treated. This project will focus on a literature review of personalised approaches to mental health – specifically identifying technological/digital factors such as from smartphone accelerometer data, which permit monitoring and prediction of changes in mood state to diagnose and enhance mental wellbeing.

The project will provide the scholar with the following skills: developing literature search strategies, condensing and extracting relevant findings from the key literature, data extraction, summarising findings clearly, developing writing skills and a clear report on the summer studentship work, and presentation at various meetings and conferences. The student will have the opportunity to publish this review if they wish after completion of their scholarship.