Body composition and skeletal muscle function in Chinese: comparison with Europeans


Assoc. Prof. Lindsay Plank, Prof. Sally Poppitt

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Project code: MHS013

We have collected data on 200 Chinese and 200 Europeans aged 40-70 y over a wide BMI range who underwent whole-body dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans and grip strength measurement. The objectives are to re-analyse these DXA scans for visceral fat and to compare these two ethnic groups for visceral fat/central obesity, appendicular muscle mass and muscle function. Asians have a propensity for central obesity (and associated cardiometabolic risk) and higher percent body fat than Europeans for the same BMI. The BMI-body fat percentage data will augment our previous work (Br J Nutr 2009;102:632-641) comparing Asian Indians and Europeans.


  • Familiarity with DXA software 
  • Literature searching and critical appraisal
  • Statistical analysis (training in SAS available)
  • Scientific writing (potentially 1 or 2 publications)