Why do a Northern Hemisphere Summer Research Scholarship?

A Summer Research Scholarship will give you experience conducting research under the guidance and support of a supervisor, and add significant value to your CV.


  • NZ$4,400 tax-free stipend and NZ$2,000 towards your travel costs.
  • Get a taste of postgraduate research at New Zealand’s leading university.
  • Develop international research networks and collaborate with leading international researchers.
  • Experience studying and living in Auckland, a city ranked as one of the world’s top 3 cities*.
  • Enjoy life on campus at one of our busiest and most vibrant times of the year.
  • Improve your career opportunities; in some cases the scholarships lead to a career in research.
  • Some summer scholars co-author presentations at international conferences and academic journal articles.
  • Gain exposure to authentic case studies.
  • Participate in project meetings.
  • Practice data collection, analysis, literature reviews, interviewing techniques and mind mapping.
  • Learn to use specialised software.
  • Acquire specialist laboratory and presentation skills.

*Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Survey.

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