Mortuary Analysis at Roonka, Australia


Judith Littleton, Bruce Floyd



Project code: ART001

The Roonka Project is an analysis of data from a large excavation of an Australian Aboriginal cemetery undertaken in the 1970s. Our goal in analysing these data are to address the relationship between Aboriginal lifeways and burial practices during the period of site use. As part of this we have undertaken collection of the field reports and plans in order to assess the degree of variability between skeletons and the relationship between characteristics of burial and aspects of identity e.g. age, gender, status as well as the degree of preservation.

Scholar’s Work

The summer scholar will undertake the work of helping to organise these data and to undertake with the supervisor the job of developing a database that incorporates the necessary data. Having completed this task we will look towards undertaking first stage statistical analysis of data as well as managing a clear data management program which ensures that the project materials are organised so that they can be successfully archived. In doing this the student will be involved and gain exposure to the increasing important work of data management, manipulation and storage as well as preliminary analysis.

Required Skills/Pre-requisites

Familiarity with archaeological approaches to mortuary practices.
Familiarity with statistical analysis.
Well-developed research skills (Stage III or above).
Ability to organise an EXCEL spreadsheet.
Good writing skills.

Applicants should address these required skills in their application and indicate if they have been in touch with the proposed supervisor.