Development Studies

Disaster Preparedness and Resilience in Auckland


Dr. Jesse Hession Grayman

Dr. Chanrith Ngin

Professor Andreas Neef


Development Studies

Project code: ART009

This project aims at understanding how various communities in Auckland (Pacific, Southeast Asian, students, disabled, LGBT, possibly others) identify, conceptualise and prepare for risks of natural hazards in Auckland. This study will provide an opportunity for these communities to co-develop proactive response strategies together with professional organisations, such as Auckland Council and its Civil Defence and Emergency Management Unit, tasked with responding to disaster situations. The findings will inform best practices with these communities. The Summer Scholar will support this project with literature reviews, database administration and analysis, manuscript preparation, and possibly some Auckland-based fieldwork.

Scholar’s Work

The Summer Scholar will:

  • Conduct reviews of the existing social science literature and policies (particularly from Auckland Council and Civil Defence & Emergency Management) on the position and role of heterogeneous communities in disaster preparedness and resilience in urban areas.
  • Compile and manage data in an accessible format
  • Use qualitative data analysis software to identify themes and other findings
  • Assist with the compilation, analysis, and presentation of research findings for academic publications

Required Skills/Pre-requisites

The summer scholar should have excellent academic writing skills and be proficient in the use of referencing systems, such as Endnote or RefWorks. They should be firmly grounded in the qualitative social sciences and familiar with the wider field of Development Studies or cognate disciplines such as social anthropology and geography. Applicants with experience in critical disaster studies, either through intensive prior engagement with the relevant literature or through own travel, volunteer, or work experience, will receive priority. Familiarity with qualitative analysis software such as NVIVO or Atlas.ti, or a commitment to learn these tools, is also a requirement for this position.

Applicants should address these required skills in their application and indicate if they have been in touch with the proposed supervisor.