Fine Arts and Design

Real-time 3D and the interactive potential


Dr Sean Kerr
Dr Deb Polson


Fine Arts and Design

Project code: CAI009

This project investigates the potential of real-time interaction with 3D content through the design and development of a series of experiments combining physical interfaces with virtual reality (VR) environments. These experiments will result in working prototypes that demonstrate how physical and virtual systems can be integrated in simple and effective ways to create unique interactions. Given the increase in demand for such hybrid experiences with content and space, these demonstrations can be adopted by future students and practitioners for various education and professional projects.

At the end of the Summer Scholarship these unique and experimental projects will be exhibited at the George Fraser Gallery. In keeping with Open Source community ideologies, projects will be made available to download with access to the source code and instructions to make.

This project requires a student experienced with Unity 3d and some knowledge of Arduino technology. The student should have enthusiasm to learn and share what they have learned. An understanding of Open Source Web editing application is preferred but not required. The student will have the support of Elam’s lead technician, Peter Cleveland and access to specialised digital studios and fabrication spaces.