Centre for Arts and Social Transformation

Te Rito Toi: Evidencing best practice in return to classrooms post lockdown


Professor Peter O'Connor


Centre for Arts and Social Transformation

Project code: ESW013

Te Rito Toi, an on line resource, was developed by researchers in the Faculty of Education and Social Work in partnership with the NZ Principal’s Federation, NZEI and the Sir John Kirwan Foundation to support classroom return during COVID. Over 50% of NZ Primary teachers accessed the site with over 250,000 page views of the resources offered. The project will research the use of the resources in Auckland schools by interviewing teachers and principals to better understand how schools managed return post lockdown. The project is timed so that participants have an opportunity to reflect on their experience from an approximately 6 month time distance. Research in Christchurch schools post-earthquake suggest this is the optimum time for such reflections. 

Two positions available.