Centre for Arts and Social Transformation

Exploring schools’ uses of ‘safety’ and the construction of citizens ‘at risk’


Peter O'Connor and Marta Estelles


Centre for Arts and Social Transformation

Project code: ESW005

In Aotearoa New Zealand, the word ‘safety’ has become increasingly pervasive in educational policies and debates, gaining a new momentum with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is still not known how safety has become an issue of educational concern, nor what is undertaken in schools in the name of safety.

This project aims to explore:

  1. the ways in which ‘safety’ has become entangled with citizenship discourses in education policy;
  2. how educators (re)produce these discourses; and
  3. the citizen subjectivities these discourses shape and exclude. The summer scholar will contribute to a literature review analysis of policy documents.