Faculty of Education and Social Work Art Collection audit and publication preparation


Jill Smith
Camilla Highfield



Project code: ESW014

A substantial art collection has been developed at the Epsom campus over 40 years. Good records have been kept of the collection and these are currently being updated and digitised. The intention is to produce a record of this significant collection.

A Special Interest Group (SIG) has been formed to work in partnership with Library and Learning Services to ensure the art collection is effectively delivered to and displayed at city campus by the date the faculty relocates. One of the deliverables is to consider how best to acknowledge, document and highlight the EDSW collection through a publication and/or exhibition format that commemorates the collection.

The SIG requires the services of a summer scholar to provide a full audit and written descriptions of the art works in an electronic format. The role would suit a student studying Art History, History and/or the Arts in an education degree, who has a keen interest in the visual arts and high levels of literacy. Knowledge of standard acquisition, audit and documentation procedures in the visual arts would be an advantage.